Vaccinations are essential to our pets, as they help prevent the incidence and severity of contagious diseases. Each vaccination plan is specific to your pet, so it is important to seek advice from one of our vets on what vaccination plan is right for you.

Dogs: Puppies should receive their first vaccinations from 6-8 weeks followed by a booster vaccine 4 weeks later. Your puppy will not be fully immunised until it has received its booster vaccine, so it is important to keep them away from other dogs at this time. An annual vaccination booster is then needed every year for the rest of the dog’s life. We vaccinate against canine parvovirus, leptospirosis, distemper, canine contagious hepatitis caused by canine adenovirus type 1 and respiratory disease caused by canine adenovirus type 2.

The kennel cough vaccine is a yearly vaccine that can be administered at the time of your dogs annual booster. This is highly recommended if your dog will be going into kennels, or regularly comes into contact with other dogs. The vaccine must be administered at least 21 days before entering kennels for it to be effective.

Cats: Kittens should be vaccinated from 9 weeks old, and a booster vaccine given 4 weeks later. An annual booster vaccination is then required to ensure that you cat is fully immunised against disease. We also offer a vaccination against feline panleukopenia, calicivirus and feline herpes virus type 1. A vaccination for feline leukemia is also available at our clinic. 

Rabbits: we vaccinate against myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease in rabbits. This vaccine can be given from 5 weeks old, and a yearly booster is needed.

Please contact the clinic if you need any further advice on vaccinations and to book an appointment.